Doing embroidery is a beautiful, creative output, which makes everything even more worthwhile. However, like any other crafts, there are certain things that need to be considered when doing embroidery to ensure quality. Here are top 3 things you need to look out for:

Styles and Colors – You can’t just pick up any item and start embroidering anything on it. Good embroidery does not work that way. Like other forms of art, there needs to be consideration of style and color, and how they will render with a certain fabric. For example, when the garment is colorful, it may be hard for certain colors and designs to be easily visible; you have to choose your colors and designs so that it stands out over the surface. Adding too much complex design and color variation may just turn out to be off place instead of a neat and clean outcome.

Strength – The garment’s strength is a very important element that affects the outcome of your embroidery work. It needs to be firm and strong enough to hold the embroidery in place, be able to sew it well, and end up looking nice over the garment. This also determines the longevity of the quality of your embroidery. No matter how good your embroidery design is, if the garment’s quality is not strong enough to keep it in place, it will still turn out to be of poor over-all quality.

Fabrics – The fabric of apparel is a big consideration in embroidery. This will determine the overall quality, value and longevity of the embroidery done. Make use of the right threads when using certain types of fabric. Embroidery designs with many stitches have to be sewn on heavier fabric that will keep the design in place for a long time. Certain fabrics may cause shrinkage overtime, ruining the design. In this case, small adjustments like making the design or font’s layout bigger.

Before you do your next embroidery project, make sure that you have the above factors well thought of. In the end, what you want would be good quality output and ensured longevity of your work.