Here at On The Cuff, we are often asked by our customers for ideas on how they can use embroidery to personalize gifts or customize their own items. One way to spruce up your home decoration is through embroidery. Below are some ideas to inspire you, whether for your own home or for gift ideas.

Table Decoration

There are times when you will have guests around for dinner, and nothing says a classy and elegant dinner table than well-accented table decorations. Having coasters, napkins, placemats, table runners, silverware holders, and even bibs customized with floral designs or even monograms will definitely brighten the table and impress guests.

Kitchen Accessories

As we have previously written, kitchen accessories such as pot holders, towels, and aprons are perfect gift ideas for your mom or the Mrs. when you want to show them how much you appreciate their cooking or the work that they’ve done for the family throughout the years.

Bedroom Accents

When it comes to bedroom décor, you can match the theme to your personality and desired level of comfort as you don’t have to worry about visitors or guests’ opinions. It’s all about your safe place. This is why we urge you to do whatever you want with embroidery on blankets, pillow cases, curtains, and rug.

Wall Décor

Wall decoration doesn’t have to be limited to paintings, clocks, and pictures; and embroidered wall décor doesn’t have to look like a DIY project. There is a wide array of design ideas on how you can have embroidered pieces look like store-bought art. Have quotes, stitched images, or even embroidery materials framed.

We will be updating our blog for more information on embroidery and personalized gift ideas. For more advice and free quotation, please feel free to send us a message here or give us a call at On The Cuff and we would be happy to help you as soon as possible.