Personalized embroidered items are great gift ideas for women. They are creative, beautiful, holds a sentimental value, and they last a long time. Below are 6 ideas to help you with your special lady regardless of the occasion like a birthday, holiday, graduation, or a special moment.

  • Apron with Pockets – If she loves to cook, this gift item is a good choice. You can decorate it with her name or her favorite quote to add a personal touch.
  • Travel Bag – An embroidered travel bag is an excellent gift for women who love to travel or is always on the go. You can personalize this item with a special message or quote so can be remembered wherever she goes.
  • Tote Bag – Is ideal for women like teachers or office workers who bring lots of papers and other stuff. You can add a dash of creativity or a personal touch to take this item the extra mile.
  • Hand Towels – Housewives seem to have a knack about hand towels, so a set of personalized embroidered hand towels in different colors will be a gift she would really love.
  • Pillow Cases – Choose her favorite color or one that complements her room. Design it according to her taste or put some words that will make her smile. Wrap it up with some flowers and you now have the perfect gift for her.
  • Bath Robe- Find a good quality bathrobe and embroider her name on it using a thread of her favorite color or some sweet one-liner.

These are only a few embroidered gift ideas that your woman or mom would love. If you still need additional ideas though please give us a call we are always here to help with any special moment regardless how big or small it may be.