Here at On The Cuff Embroidery, we know and understand the challenges that most face when it comes to embroidering Bucket Hats.

1st – The embroidery sizes of these hats can vary depending on the hat construction like some can be 2.5 inches tall, while others can be less than inch tall.

2nd – Most of bucket hat styles traditionally have fabric bands that goes around the bottom of the cap crown which restricts the available embroidery design space, for you can’t embroider traditionally over the fabric band.

3rd – These hats also can contain various snaps, eyelets, and/or air holes on the cap side which can get in the potential way of any embroidery.

4th – The bucket caps that contain larger cap brims can get grease from any embroidery machine.

Since space can be an issue with this hat style, it is higher recommended to try and stick to traditional front and back design placement. For additional ideas and suggestions about embroidery come back and visit this site. To place an order please submit your information via web contact form or give us a call today.