The Pros and Cons of Custom Embroidery for Business Gifts

Embroidery has always been thought of as an embellishment that accentuates the value of clothing items that we have been wearing for ages. Off late, there has been growing interest towards the use of embroidery for achieving perfect results in corporate gifts. Clothing items often given to employees during the festive season have been revamped […]

Reasons to Prefer Embroidery over Printing

Maybe you want to create personalized gifts. Maybe you want logos on company uniforms. No matter the objective, you would have to employ two common methods of getting logos or personalized text emblazoned on garments; embroidery and printing. However, a lot of people remain confused between the two. If you are someone who is in […]

The Benefits of Gifting Your Employees Personalized Embroidered Garments

Regardless of whether you go for customized t-shirts, jackets, or embroidered hats/caps, gifting personalized items with embroidered details to the employees is an amazing idea. Personalized gifts come with an array of benefits and choosing embroidery over usual printed stuff further adds to these.  Shirts, jackets, and caps are not only something that people use […]

3 Reasons Why Custom Embroidery is Good for Your Business

There is no question how networking and marketing are important to any business. As an entrepreneur, you’re always obliged to put your best foot forward and have your company name out there. One of the best ways to do this remains to be custom clothing; and even with the popularity of modern day silk screening […]

Embroidery Ideas for the Kitchen

Either as a gift for your wife, mom, or grandparents, or something to enhance your kitchen and dining area, embroidered crafts are just too adorable to ignore. They not only brighten a place up, they also bring a sense of unity and a more personalized touch in your kitchen items. Here are some embroidery ideas […]

Embroidery as a Hidden Marketing Gem

Often times, embroidery’s use in marketing is downplayed. Many oversee how this discipline can help the art of marketing become personal and stylized — two values that would lure in not only new customers, but also develop patrons. Here at On The Cuff, we strongly advise our clients to see embroidery not only for personal […]

Advantages of Embroidered Promotional Materials for Business Marketing

Promotional materials like shirts, bags, caps, and others are proven effective tools in business promotions. These can either be given as gifts to loyal customers or as tokens and giveaways during marketing events. Often, printed promotional materials are used in these endeavors; but many businesses today are considering the use of embroidered materials because of […]

Embroidered Bags

A Perfect Corporate Gift Employees are the company’s best assets. That being said, it is important that owners and managers value them. With this, they have to make their employees feel special by giving them items that they would find helpful and usable. One of the smartest corporate gifts you could ever give is embroidered […]