Think of your clothes as canvass and embroidery as paint. Right now, customizing blouses with tassels, skirts with flora, and even the traditional napkins with initials are the new chic.

In the words of up-and-coming designer Marie Sophie Lockhart, who is even known for making embroidered wardrobes for Drake, “People don’t [want to] wear H&M and Zara any more. They want something made by hand that is ethical and not mass-produced, something unique and not the same as everyone else. They want to look different.”

Think of yourself as an artist, and your old pair of pants or your favorite stained top as your first masterpiece in the making. To help get you started, here are some fun and playful ideas courtesy of our experts from On The Cuff.

  • Dress tassels – Is your old, simple white dress getting too boring? Try adding small colorful tassels at the sleeves and end for a fun, casual look.
  • Sequins in Sweatshirts – To jazz up your gray sweats or plain long sleeves, try having simple patterns, words, or even your name embroidered with bright colored or even gold sequins.
  • Fusing bandanas – Instead of using patches or plain cloth to cover up a stain or damage in your favorite polo or jeans, why not try having a bandana stitched? Having it on instead of the usual cover up can serve as a bohemian or Mexican accent.
  • Chucks going crazy – Through time, your favorite pair of Converse might fade; but if its quality is still pretty good, you can re-invent its look by going crazy with patches, beads, or sequins.
  • From jeans to bags – There are many instructional videos right now on how to turn your old jeans or shorts into stylish bags! Simply scour the Internet for this potential weekend project.

For more tips and tricks in getting an exciting new wardrobe using embroidery, call us today here at On The Cuff and we would be happy to give a free consultation and quotation.