Here at On The Cuff Embroidery, we know and understand the challenges that most face when it comes to embroidering Visors.

1st – Visors don’t have very much space for any kind of embroidery – it is traditionally about 1.25 inches tall. The best possible location for any embroidery is usually in the front center of the visor, which is the tallest area of the visor.

2nd – The max width for embroidery design is usually between 4 inches to 4.5 inches. Most visors sides traditionally only allows up to an inch and usually the back cannot be embroidered at all.

3rd – When designing for a visor you must take into account the visor crown height and the overall curve of the visor.

During the production of any visor you must allow significant amount of time to modify any initial design to ensure high-end quality results. The only solution for this potential issue is being careful when you are embroidering these caps. For additional ideas and suggestions about embroidery come back and visit this site. To place an order please submit your information via web contact form or give us a call today.