Often times, embroidery’s use in marketing is downplayed. Many oversee how this discipline can help the art of marketing become personal and stylized — two values that would lure in not only new customers, but also develop patrons.

Here at On The Cuff, we strongly advise our clients to see embroidery not only for personal needs, but also for business projects as well. Here are some ideas on how you can use embroidery for marketing purposes.

  • Employee “Casual Wear” – Same as embroidery, employees are often undermined as a marketing tool. Aside from providing uniforms with the company’s embroidered or printed logo, you can give a more customized and casual wear, such as t-shirts, polos, caps, or even towels. Making sure that the design is more than a simple logo, your employees can proudly wear the material even outside their office, giving your brand a free promotional ride.
  • Give-aways to new customers – Perfect for both entrepreneurs trying to establish a steady base of customers or for salesmen required to meet high quota standards per month, having giveaways for new customers are not simply freebies, but also personalized business cards that will help you get remembered for a potential second sale or visit.
  • VIP perks – When you have a customer that has given you a huge amount of sales, it’s time to make sure that you have expressed how grateful you are for the patronage. Nothing says “thank you” better than a small gesture through a form of the usual discount, or a personal talk from upper management to the client. What is even better is a personalized material that looks premium enough that will make him or her feel that the company is indeed grateful for the patronage.

For more marketing ideas using embroidery, give us a call at On The Cuff and we will do our best to give you a free quote and advice.