Embroidery dates back to hundreds of years, but this art has endured the test of time and made its way to the modern world, with more and more people getting hooked to it. In fact, embroidery is now considered one of the top interior design trends.

As more people do home renovation projects this year due to the recuperation of the housing industry, new interior design trends have also been adopted including embroidered home furniture, draperies, and virtually any other materials that could be sewn and stitched. From living rooms and bedrooms to bathrooms and kitchens, embroidery has provided an artistic touch to every home design.

Embroidered embellishments add drama and glamour to any room, and they fit perfectly in the emerging combination of contemporary and traditional interior design themes chosen by many homeowners today. Since embroidery makes use of different materials it is easy to find embroidered materials that fit perfectly to any design concept.

Top ways in which embroidery is used to enhance interior design include:

  • Embroidered throw pillows, table covers, and sofa covers in the living room.
  • Curtains and draperies around the house, especially in bedrooms.
  • The use of embroidered pot holders and placemats in the kitchen.
  • Framed embroidery artistic pieces on walls to add vintage touch to any room.
  • Bathroom draperies.

The re-utilization of embroidery in home decorations can be attributed not only to the appreciation of vintage design incorporation in interior design themes but also to the production of high quality embroidery materials and the modern technology that makes embroidery more efficient. This includes the use of embroidery machines which provide better embroidering accuracy and designs, the production of specialty threads and modern sewing and stitching techniques.

Even if you are not planning any home renovation or change in interior design soon, you can gradually incorporate embroidery designs inside your home since embroidered products are not that hard to find.

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