Either as a gift for your wife, mom, or grandparents, or something to enhance your kitchen and dining area, embroidered crafts are just too adorable to ignore. They not only brighten a place up, they also bring a sense of unity and a more personalized touch in your kitchen items.

Here are some embroidery ideas that we recommend for you and your family.

  • Apron — This classic piece is a simple tribute to your loved one’s talent in the kitchen — a “thank you” for all of the roast beef, pies, and other good food that served you through the years, or a humorous punch line that can make them smile and think of you everytime they cook.
  • Pot Holders —You can add monograms or small prints on pot holders just to make them feel a bit warmer.
  • Table Napkins —Perfect for unifying all your table napkins around the house, you can simply place small flowers, fruits, and even your family initials on each edge. This can add accents to every meal.
  • Towels — Towels no longer have to be plain white or colored in the usual way. You can personalize them by adding the kinds of food that you love being cooked. Go crazy: have every piece printed with different kinds of meat or fruit.
  • Tea Pot and Egg Cozies — Tea pots wrapped in embroidery are perfect for grandparents in order to avoid getting hurt when touching the bodies of the porcelain pot. They also make great accents for tea parties for both adults and kids. Egg cozies, on the other hand, are these little covers placed over eggs to add décor when you have guests over. They can be made using felt or thick cotton in chicken or even hat designs.
  • Coasters — You can customize your coasters to match the furniture, napkins, or table cloth — light touches that would impress your guests.

Embroidery is for anyone, anywhere, any time; it is no longer limited to clothing or bedding materials. Call us now at On the Cuff so we can give you more options on how you can utilize it for your house or business today.