Embroidery is perceived as a craft especially made for women. However did you know in history, young boys and men were the ones preferred to become apprentices to masters of the trade.

At present embroidery is an equal opportunity craft that can be learned by both genders. So, what are the skills that your children can learn from embroidery? Here are some of them:

Learns essential core values

Children feel a sense of pride from the hard work they invest from their embroidery work. They develop discipline and patience from the time and effort that they invest towards learning the different embroidery stitches to complete their design. They also manifest respect for the personal property of other people since they know the challenges one faces to complete a task or project. They learn other important values such as endurance and time management simply by learning and practicing embroidery.

Cultivates creativity and ingenuity

Embroidery enables children to tackle challenges involved in DIY projects. Instead of using embroidery kits, they use their creativity to make their own designs that they showcase through fashion and design. Since embroidery is a relatively affordable craft that requires minimal tools, they are able to master their skills throughout the years. This continuity enables them to create more complicated and sophisticated designs.

Teaches them skills useful in adulthood

Basic and intermediate embroidery skills learned during childhood will manifest once they grow into adults. Skills that easily translate to sewing skills which are crucial for a sustainable lifestyle and outdoor survival activities. Hand sewing skills are especially useful when repairing clothes, tents, and other types of fabrics.

Nurtures skills that are useful in other life aspects

Some of the useful skills children learn from regular embroidery sessions will easily transmit when they reach adulthood and regardless of gender. Color theory, design creation, and planning are skills that will be refined over time and improve their dexterity, motor skills and manipulative skills to name a few.

Learns the value of money with embroidery

It’s not surprising that some of the most successful entrepreneurs were taught embroidery during their early years. This hand craft is also known to reach children efficient money management. Handmade projects that function as gifts are perceived as a smart means of saving money. Young embroiderers with special skills can even launch their own small business by selling their work to the public, hence giving them the opportunity to showcase their talents and star saving up for their future.

These five reasons are enough motivation for parents to encourage their children to pursue their passion for embroidery. They learn skills that will not only benefit themselves but also society as a whole.

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