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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my order same day or while I wait?
Only heat press orders can be done same day if we have materials in stock. Embroidery orders will be normally 1 day to 2 week turn around depending on the order size.
Can you copy my logo?
We can have your specific logo set up for embroidery, but we can not copy trademark or registered designs unless you are the owner of that design.
Do you screen print?
No. We do not screen print here in house, but we can job it out for you.
Do you do alterations?
No. We sew patches on school jackets, motorcycle vests and uniforms; but no alterations.
Can I get a quote over the phone?
We can approximate an order but not give an exact quote without seeing it in person. You can contact us at to save a trip.
Can you order school patches?
We cannot order them any more but we do sew them on the jackets for customers who bring them in.
Can you order Club/Company patches?
Yes. We have a source for that. The minimum order is 50 and is about a 4 week turnaround from the date of the order.
Can you make patches?
We can make patches in house, no minimum required (hand cut around border).
Can you do Rhinestone Designs?
We like to add rhinestones to embroidered designs but can also order all rhinestone designs(minimum order required)
Can I bring in my own items?
You are always welcome to bring in your own items or you can purchase through us. We have inventory in stock or we have multiple sources to order from.
Can you sew on leather, luggage, golf bags, suitcases, etc?
It depends on the item. Most times we have to see the item in person.