Upon finishing your embroidery project, you still need to polish it. This is important to make sure that the overall quality is good and to fix details that need fixing. Here are some things to look out for when you polish embroidery and how to fix them:

  • Thread Tails – Look for uncut thread tails and trim them as close as possible to garment. Just be careful not to cut any knots off or you would damage the whole embroidery work.
  • Stray Threads – Stray threads are those that have been get caught while doing embroidery. If you found one you also have to trim as close as possible to the garment without cutting any knots off. After that, use tweezers to gently remove the trimmed threads.
  • Thread Loops – If the thread loop runs in the same direction as the stitch, DO NOT TRIM! Instead, use your fingernails to scratch loop to the garments backside, then use one Fraycheck to where the loop has been scratched back. Make sure the Fraycheck doesn’t get on the fabric.
  • Missing Stitches – Repair skipped or missing stitches. Use a hand sewing needle with a double strand of matching thread to fix this. Make a satin stitch to fill in the missing stitches.
  • Spots and Stains on Garment – An embroidery project needs to finish up as clean as possible so remove spots and stains on garment using the appropriate cleaning substances. In some instances, using dish soap and water can simply do the job.
  • Crooked Embroidery – If you notice that the embroidery appears crooked, do this simple trick: Lay the garment down, steam the embroidery area and lay the palm of your hand on top of embroidery while it is still warm. Afterwards, gently twist your hand to the opposite direction to which the embroidery is running.

These simple fixes will improve the overall quality of your output. This will also help ensure that your embroidery lays firm, holds in place, and will last longer.