The hardest part of attending a close friend or relative’s wedding is thinking of ways you can make it more memorable for them. If you are looking for ideas to make an upcoming wedding special for someone you are close to, you have landed on the right page.

Here are some amazing embroidered personalized gift ideas to make weddings extraordinary without spending extravagantly.

Get Something Stitched for the Couple

From simple wall hangings to things like table runners or pillow cases with customized embroidery patterns or even their names or initials, you can get anything to gift the couple. Such a gift will not only look unique but will also stay with the couple for long, reminding them of you. Your thoughtfulness will be appreciated for sure!

Name Tags

How about getting customized tags with the names of the bride and the groom embroidered on them? You can get a large tag to be placed on the entrance or anywhere else inside the venue or you can get many smaller ones. Ask the organizers to put them on each table or even on all the chairs. We bet the idea will surprise and delight anyone who is attending, including the new couple!

Embroidered Wedding Wishes

Another option for personalized gifts using embroidery is getting a wedding wish embroidered on a nice fabric. Alternatively, you can simply get fine patterns picturing wedding bands, date, and the name of the couple embroidered. Once ready, the piece can be placed in a glass or wooden frame and gifted to the couple to be mounted on their room’s wall. 

Bible Verses

1 Corinthians 13 form the Bible is a common passage that is read at weddings or written nicely on boards to be placed somewhere around the ceremony entrance. You can simply get this verse or other verses (related to couples, marriage etc.) embroidered on a large piece of cloth with a delicate floral border. The ready piece will make for something that makes your friend’s wedding special and a nice personalized gift that the couple will cherish forever.

‘Mr. and Mrs.’

Apart from the ideas given above, you can just choose a simple text like ‘Mr. and Mrs.’ and get it embroidered on anything that you want to gift to the couple. The best you can do is gift a set of bed sheets, pillowcases, and towels with the text embroidered on each of the item’s corners or the way you like. This will make for an amazing and suitable personalized gift for the occasion that will stay in use for several years.

Embroidered Wedding Hoops

Incorporating a special message to commemorate beloved couple’s wedding can make a lot of difference in their lives. One way of doing this is through embroidered wedding hoops. You can get a wedding hoop made and add the text of your choice. For example, you can get the names of both bride and groom and the wedding date along with some floral details or other pictures in embroidery form. The hoop can again be used  to commemorate the wedding and later as a personalized gift in the form of a decorative piece for the couple’s house.

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