Contrary to popular belief, monogramming is a timeless fashion piece. Often associated with ostentatious and tacky outfits such as old school flashy pajamas, fluffy slippers, and the works, the monogram has been on the resurgence in the fashion industry for quite some time — not that it needs the limelight.

Dating back to 350 B. C. as coins bearing the initials of the first letters of the city and eventually the ruler’s name in Ancient Greece, the monogram is associated with aristocracy. However, when used wrongly and placed explicitly it becomes tacky and even irritating.

Now, many fashion giants and icons are reliving the classic touch of monograms. In the Vogue 2013 issue, monogramming was seen in everyday fashion pieces. Recently, millennials are in on the action after Cara Delevigne went out with a monogrammed Burberry poncho and a Fendi bag with her name.  Many stylists swooned over Victoria Secret model Karlie Kloss’ jacket with her name at the back for Topshop’s promo on personalized wear.

As The Guardian described it, “Yes, it’s childish. Yes, it’s narcissism on silk or leather. But it makes us feel important, and a feeling like that rarely goes out of style.”

The monogram is no longer just a symbol of the lavish and high-end fashion lifestyle that history presented. Now, as childish or vain as it may seem, it gives a more sense of personal branding. Monogramming is the immortal trend for dress shirts, ponchos, rings and necklaces, totes, pouches, clutch bags, swimsuits, travel bags, leather notebooks, and now, even for tech accessories. There are now smartphone cases that can be customized with initials or full names, along with matching straps and carriers.

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