Either you’re a beginner or a professional in embroidery, mistakes tend to become unavoidable. Our specialists here at On The Cuff can empathize at the times when you accidentally used the wrong thread or needle; when you were not able to fully follow the pattern; and even the time when you are almost done and realized that the stitches are uneven or the whole design does not work.

When mistakes like this happen, it is most important to remain level-headed in order to find the solution. Here are some tips that can help you become prepared in saving your project.

  • Prepare the emergency kit. You can include in your embroidery kit a small box or bag for quick fixes, including a small pair of scissors, a razor blade, a battery operated stitch remover if possible, pins, tape, tweezers, and multi-colored pens. For safety purposes, it is also a good idea to have a first-aid kit near you at all times.
  • Colored pens or markers can fix minor color mistakes. You can use a marker with a fine tip to fill in small white dots caused by your bobbin thread appearing at the front. Just make sure that your pens’ ink won’t spread all over the cloth.
  • Cover your mistake with different items. Instead of looking gravely at an error and ripping the threads, you can be creative in fixing it by stitching patches of designs that would match yours, such as flowers, swirls, etc. You can also take a shot at using beads, crystals, and buttons. This mend can even improve the over-all look of your embroidery!
  • When all else fails, rip or pick it. In embroidery, ripping is your last option because it has to be tediously done, with precautions of leaving marks on the cloth. Evaluate first the kind of fabric that you are using. Corduroy, satin, and silk are some of the cloths that might get damaged in the process. Before you do anything rash with a pair of scissors or a razor, try to ask for professional help, watch videos, and carefully plan your process.

Give us a call at On The Cuff and our specialists can lend you a helping hand in both fixing and preventing embroidery mistakes.