Maybe you want to create personalized gifts. Maybe you want logos on company uniforms. No matter the objective, you would have to employ two common methods of getting logos or personalized text emblazoned on garments; embroidery and printing.

However, a lot of people remain confused between the two. If you are someone who is in a dilemma, wondering which option will be better for the gift you are getting for your friend or the uniform that you are designing, embroidery is what you should prefer. In this article, we will explain why!

Personalized Embroidered Gifts and Garments

Regarded as the ‘classier’ form of promoting brands, embroidery is not something that is prepared separately and simply stuck on to the garments. It is unlike printing which works in an opposite manner. Here are a few benefits of preferring personalized embroidered gifts and garments over printed ones.  

What if it is a polo t-shirt or jacket that you want to get made? Would you like it if you have limited choices or have to let go what you like because ‘printing’ doesn’t work on it? No, you will not. This is another important reason embroidered garments are given preference over printed ones.

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