The festive season might be about to end, but there is no harm in giving gifts to your employees in the twilight of this season. Winter season is the perfect time to show your employees the appreciation you have towards them, and how much you value their presence in the workplace.

Now, the most common conundrum faced by organizations while sifting through gift ideas is understanding what their employees would like and what they wouldn’t. This conundrum spurs from the thought that most employees get an indication of the company’s appreciation of their work, if they are given a gift that they desire and/or demands

One gift that comes to mind to form a connection with employees is a custom embroidered jacket. Here we look at the reasons why an embroidered jacket can be a perfect gift idea for your employees. Go through the reasons and make an order for your employees immediately.

Embroidery and Jackets form a Connection

Embroidered jackets go a long way in forming the right connection with your employees.  They help exude a touch of customization that tops all other options that you have for it. You can have your employee’s favorite quote, their name or one of their characteristics imprinted on the jacket to make a personal connection that they would appreciate.

Coffee mugs or gift cards also sound like a fine gift here, but since these options are too generic, they wouldn’t give the impression that you want to give. An embroidered jacket would form just the perfect connection you want, and would make your employees appreciate your gesture.

Jackets are Useful

The last thing you want to give to your employees is a gift that they would never use, or end up giving to someone else. Thus, the responsibility falls on your shoulders to ensure that your employees use the gift and value the connection that is formed through it.

Jackets come extremely handy in such situations as they can be worn for feasibility as well as for bragging rights. Just imagine your employees wearing around the quality embroidered jacket given by you and bragging about their workplace in front of their friends. This is the exact connection that you would want to achieve with them.

Moreover, with a customized and embroidered jacket, your employees wouldn’t dare give the gift to someone else. Instead, they would value it and keep the prized possession with them at all times.


If you think that buying customized jackets for your employees would break the bank for you, then you couldn’t have had been more wrong. Customized and embroidered jackets tend to be cost-efficient, especially if you’re making the purchase on bulk from a recognized manufacturer. In all cases, the value given to employees would be way more than the costs you would have to pay for it.

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