One of the most important things to consider in embroidery before landing your first stitch on your design is the kind of fabric that you will use. Having the right kind of cloth can determine if your entire design will hold in the end.

To help you determine which kind of fabric to use and how to prepare it before the actual stitching process, here are some tips from experts.

It is always good idea to find out the kinds of fabric that match the kind of stitch that you will be doing. Thread count, texture, thickness, and weight of the cloth are some of the factors to consider. Here are some of the common kinds of fabric that might match the kind of design and stitch that you are working on.

  • Osnaburg —With a range of 40 to 80 thread count, it is medium to heavyweight cotton with loose weaves, perfect for easily pulling the needle and thread in and out quickly. Available in a light, natural color, which is perfect if you want an earthy backdrop to a colorful design.
  • Muslin — This one is almost the same as Osnaburg, except for its darker tone, tighter weave (with a thread count of 150), and lighter weight. The two are perfect for embroidery, your choice will have to depend on the level of difficulty of your stitch and the color of your design.
  • Aida — Many cross stitch enthusiasts always go for the Aida cloth because its square patterns are easy to count and outline. It has a wide array of colors, textures, fiber content, and thread count available.
  • Herta — Although this is a kind of Aida cloth, we recommend that you request for this fabric if you are a beginner because of its very loose thread count.

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