A Guide in Choosing Embroidery Hoops

Hoops are integral tools for a successful and joyful embroidery stitching, or in some cases, a part of a frustrating experience. It is important that you take your time researching about embroidery hoops, so you end up buying the right hoop for your projects. Simply put, there really is no substitute to trial-and-error, but it […]

The Benefits of Mindfulness Practice with Embroidery

With us leading such hectic and busy lives, we barely take a moment to breathe and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Our desire to live comfortably has provided us with high amounts of stress and trauma which may potentially lead us to become mentally stressed out. What is Mindfulness? Simply put, mindfulness is a […]

Five Reasons Why You Need to Teach Your Child Embroidery

Embroidery is perceived as a craft especially made for women. However did you know in history, young boys and men were the ones preferred to become apprentices to masters of the trade. At present embroidery is an equal opportunity craft that can be learned by both genders. So, what are the skills that your children […]

The Pros and Cons of Custom Embroidery for Business Gifts

Embroidery has always been thought of as an embellishment that accentuates the value of clothing items that we have been wearing for ages. Off late, there has been growing interest towards the use of embroidery for achieving perfect results in corporate gifts. Clothing items often given to employees during the festive season have been revamped […]

Reasons Why an Embroidered Jacket is the Perfect Gift Idea for your Employees

The festive season might be about to end, but there is no harm in giving gifts to your employees in the twilight of this season. Winter season is the perfect time to show your employees the appreciation you have towards them, and how much you value their presence in the workplace. Now, the most common […]

Reasons to Prefer Embroidery over Printing

Maybe you want to create personalized gifts. Maybe you want logos on company uniforms. No matter the objective, you would have to employ two common methods of getting logos or personalized text emblazoned on garments; embroidery and printing. However, a lot of people remain confused between the two. If you are someone who is in […]

The Benefits of Gifting Your Employees Personalized Embroidered Garments

Regardless of whether you go for customized t-shirts, jackets, or embroidered hats/caps, gifting personalized items with embroidered details to the employees is an amazing idea. Personalized gifts come with an array of benefits and choosing embroidery over usual printed stuff further adds to these.  Shirts, jackets, and caps are not only something that people use […]

3 Reasons Why Custom Embroidery is Good for Your Business

There is no question how networking and marketing are important to any business. As an entrepreneur, you’re always obliged to put your best foot forward and have your company name out there. One of the best ways to do this remains to be custom clothing; and even with the popularity of modern day silk screening […]

4 Embroidery Ideas for Home Decor

Here at On The Cuff, we are often asked by our customers for ideas on how they can use embroidery to personalize gifts or customize their own items. One way to spruce up your home decoration is through embroidery. Below are some ideas to inspire you, whether for your own home or for gift ideas. […]