Embroidery has always been thought of as an embellishment that accentuates the value of clothing items that we have been wearing for ages.

Off late, there has been growing interest towards the use of embroidery for achieving perfect results in corporate gifts. Clothing items often given to employees during the festive season have been revamped through the use of embroidery, as it adds customization and that little bit of oomph.

Since many corporate organizations have moved towards the trend, here we look at embroidery and the pros and cons associated with it. These pros and cons will help you in making a decision over whether you should have your customized employee gifts embroidered or not.


Customized Gift

Embroidery offers you a customized option to gift your customers. While you were previously limited to mugs and other small accessories for personalized offerings, you can now enhance your offerings with a personalized jacket or a shirt.

With embroidery you can add your employee’s favorite quote or name to the clothing item. This increases the connection that your employees feel towards the gift and will also help you reach out to them in the way you would want.


Embroidery on clothing adds to the aesthetics of the gift and ensures that the person receiving it is happy with what they have. Besides looking aesthetically pleasing and better, embroidery also ensures that the clothing item has a quality feel to it. Every clothing item or gift that is embroidered tends to have a quality, luxurious feel to it.

When you rank it alongside other alternatives you have for customizing clothes or gifts, embroidery jumps out as the best option as far as quality is concerned.

Long Lasting

Corporate gifts should be long lasting, so that they keep reminding the person of the connection they shared with the corporation that presented those gifts. Knowing that longevity in corporate gifts is a must, embroidery becomes the perfect clothing option for you. The method is popular across the world currently, as many organizations are trying it with employees for corporate branding.


The biggest advantage of adding customized embroidery to your corporate gifts is the opportunity to get colorful with the outcomes. You can add the colors you associate with your brand to the embroidery, in a bid to achieve the results you want.


There are obviously some cons of embroidery as well but these are few and far between.  

Can’t Forward Gift

Perhaps the only con associated with gifting embroidered and customized gifts is that your employees cannot gift them to someone. This con in itself can act as a positive for the organization, as they might prefer this connection or outcome.

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