For a fun, new activity to enjoy with your kids, working on arts and crafts over milk and cookies is a good way to start. One of the simplest ways you and your family can try is embroidery. Great for cosy quality time on a Sunday afternoon, this activity can help boost your child’s creativity and patience.

To help get you started, here are some tips courtesy of moms and dads from On The Cuff.

  • Ready your child-friendly materials. The first and crucial step in teaching your child how to stitch is to make sure that all of the things you need are already available. We advise that you ready a colorful and fun-looking basket for your child. Having the materials in order and accessible is one thing, making them look interesting, mysterious, and fun, which will pique your child’s attention, is another.

Make sure that your basket contains a pair of scissors appropriate for your child’s age, a set of colorful thread to choose from, and a small package of baby wipes or towelletes to keep their hands clean.

We also advise that you begin with a cloth that can be easily passed through by needles, such as 100% cotton fabric or burlap. Also, it is safer to start with an embroidery hoop.

  • Create simple patterns. Use your imagination and best judgement in suggesting then first pattern or design that your child will stitch. If you want to start off simple, you can draw on the cloth using a sharpie a fairly basic shape. If you’re after a more challenging design, you can try drawing your kid’s favorite animal, cartoon character, flower, or even their names.

The key is to also make sure that your design is large enough for them to trace on. Also, many parents start with the back stitch as their child’s first stitch.

  • Let them have fun on their own. Once you’ve shown them how to stitch and to follow the design you’ve created, let them defy it and create a design of their own. Encourage your child to be free and random in stitching with various colors. This will help you see what kind of design or theme they are really interested in.

After starting their first stitches, many parents can account that their children have enjoyed the experience, especially after marvelling at their first finished product. You can then reward your kids with a professionally embroidered piece of toy, bag, or clothing, showing them the beauty of the art form. Call us today in On The Cuff for a free quote and consultation.